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Know your health data

Data is knowledge.

Data is power.


Do you know where your health data live?

There has never been a more opportune time to empower individuals to take a more active role in their health and the creation of healthcare solutions that align with their needs, expectations, and preferences. This project aims to enhance the capacity of patients to do just that.

Health Data Basics began with a survey and set of interviews to understand patients’ and caregivers' baseline knowledge about what health data is, who collects and uses it, and what barriers – technical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, practical – deter them from accessing it and harnessing it. With this enhanced understanding of the problem, we will employ a user-centered design process to visualize possible solutions and develop and refine a prototype for a patient-centered educational tool to address knowledge gaps.


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You can find survey & interview results here.


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 ABout Health Data Basics

FasterCures is developing a tool to help people understand what makes up their health data, how they are collected and shared, and who uses them, so they have the basic knowledge needed to use these data when making decisions about their health.


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FasterCures, a Washington, D.C.-based Center of the Milken Institute, is driven by a singular goal – to save lives by speeding up and improving the medical research system. For too long, patients’ unmet medical needs have been an afterthought, rather than a starting point, for developing medical products that address their priorities and deliver value to the health-care system. Through the Patients Count Program, FasterCures aims to improve health by driving adoption of methods by which patients’ perspectives shape processes for discovering, developing, and delivering medical products and services.