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Open-source educational tools to make health data accessible and understandable for all

The Problem

Health data is invaluable for improving health, yet most individuals are unfamiliar with what it is or how to use it. A shocking 41% of individuals have never viewed their health data.

We Believe in Better

Health Data Basics is a set of tools designed to increase an individual’s understanding, engagement, and use of health data. It is led by FasterCures in collaboration with GoInvo and an advisory panel. The initial prototype development was funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

Open Source Tools

You are welcome to download, modify, and use the design assets and prototype designs under the MIT License. Contact us if you’d like to partner on implementing these prototypes or to customize the design.

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What Heath Data is

Individuals are led through a concise journey about the five main components of health data, where to find it, and their rights to access or request it. Quizzes at the end offer an opportunity to interact with the information learned.

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Uncover the Truth

In this web-app plugin, individuals engage with their health through surprising and tangible examples showing that there is so much more to health than medical care. This story ultimately shows individuals how health data permeates these interactions.

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poster of where data goes


Where Health Data Goes

This poster follows one of the many possible journeys of health data and the organizations it touches.

poster showing health beyond the clinic


Beyond the Clinic Poster

This artistic piece encourages engagement and shows the scope of health data that extends beyond medical care.

shoe, wearable and salt shaker icons


Design Illustrations and Icons

A collection of over 45 icons and illustrations to help explain health data and its components.

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timeline with icons for research, design and validation

User Centered Approach

  • Collect survey responses from 700+ people and interview 15 key opinion leaders
  • Define health data and seed Wikipedia article
  • Explore over a dozen concepts validated by user feedback
  • Test with 30 patients
Process Details
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Designed for Behavior Change

  • Align “What Health Data is” prototype with Health Belief Model
  • Design for low literacy and accessibility
  • In limited testing, 29/30 of patients recalled the 5 main factors of health data.
Process Details

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